Mackenzie MacNamara- Bates

Mackenzie MacNamara- Bates

Mackenzie MacNamara- Bates

Media Coordinator

Mackenzie McNamara-Bates, our Media Coordinator is bright and warmhearted. She has an adventurous personality that always leads her to new people and places. Whether visiting the zoo or museum, she likes to live in the moment, and enjoy each and every day.

Mackenzie attended Reitz High School in Evansville, IN and went on to graduate from the University of Southern Indiana with a Degree in Communications. During college, she earned an internship at a radio station. She knew then, that a career in Marketing would be very fulfilling.

Mackenzie has 9 years of Marketing experience and has worked in radio and television. She enjoys connecting with people and learning about their business. It is rewarding to Mackenzie when she sees her clients growing both professionally and personally.

When Mackenzie has down time, she likes to travel and attend Cardinal baseball games with her husband, Matt. While at home, Mackenzie enjoys reading books and being outside with Owen, her two-year old son. Mackenzie’s second child is due in August. She is looking forward to her family growing.

Mackenzie also has three furry adopted friends who are now an important part of her family, including two dogs and a cat. She knows it is important to make a positive impact and encourage others when possible. Her favorite motto is, “You never know unless you try.”

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