Digital and Content Advertising

Be Strategic and Powerful with Digital.

Digital and Content Advertising Solterra

Digital and Content Advertising are two of the hottest marketing trends around. Why? Because they work! 

Digital Advertising will establish your online presence and help increase your business revenue. This can be a strategic and powerful way to attract new customers.

Digital Marketing Tactics:

  • Search RT– Immediately send your customers an ad as they search for specific key words or topics.
  • Audience Targeting– Reach your target market based on many factors such as income or age.
  • Contextual and Vertical Performance– By gathering search engine data, we can determine the best location for your ad.
  • Geo Fencing– Focus your digital marketing on potential customers who live within a specific zip code or mile radius. 

Become known as the “industry leader” or “knowledgeable expert” with content marketing.

With the use of blogs, videos and other websites, your business will be able to share professional tips and product knowledge.

We Offer:

  • Strategic planning and consultation
  • Content planning and editorial calendar development
  • Topic development, writing, editing and promotion

The competition is fierce, but we can help you stand out with content that is current and relevant to your target audience.

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