7 Reasons You Need Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing has transformed into a necessity for every business, big or small. The need for digital marketing lies in its potential- the chance to reach consumers all around the globe. Tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Ads, Meta Ads, and email marketing are collaboratively managed to target the perfect customer.

So, why should you use digital marketing?

1. Interactivity

Digital marketing allows you to communicate with your audience directly through reviews, messages, comments, and social media posts. Certain digital tools allow for frequent communication with your audience. If done properly, social media can be used to create relationships with users leading to a dedicated customer for life.  It is also a great opportunity for you to gather information on your audience’s reactions and preferences. 

2. Flexibility

Digital marketing tools are so flexible that you can find your own way to make them work for you. Some companies have decided that content marketing is their best bet, while some stick with a combination of email marketing and Google Search Ads.  The more creative you are in the digital world, the wider range of possibilities you will have in grabbing your audience’s attention. 

3. Affordability

Digital marketing can be cheaper than traditional marketing. The digital world includes many types of owned marketing like blog posts, social media accounts, websites, emails, etc. All of these tools are free forms of advertising. Our digital team at Solterra Marketing recommends making the most of owned advertising- post on your social media as frequently as you can (but make it purposeful). When it comes to digital paid advertising, pay per click ads like Facebook Ads and Google Ads ensure that you only pay for what you get with no extra fees.  

4. Expansion

Capitalize on the opportunity to expand your customer list. Tons of consumers do their shopping online. With digital advertising, you can target users who are online shopping to expand your brand recognition and boost sales. We recommend email marketing for stores who want to start a conversation with users, inform them, gain their trust, and turn them into loyal customers.

5. Mobile Access

Over half of American adults own a smartphone. Individuals are more likely to scroll through feeds as a way of socializing, learning something new, shopping, reading the news, and so much more. With digital advertising, you can easily position your business directly under a customer’s nose. Manage your digital marketing campaigns so that you are in front of your audience as much as you can.

6. Tracking

One of our favorite aspects of digital marketing is its tracking capabilities. With Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels, you can gain insight on who your audience is and position your campaigns effectively. You can monitor what types of ads and content they see before they make a purchase, what they look at most on your website, and what pages they spend the most time on. 

7. Multimedia

Audiences react to messages that are made up of various forms of content. Your social media feed should include photos, video clips, and animated graphics. Try new ways of connecting to your audience by experimenting with multimedia forms.

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Blog post by Maddie Dicken

May, 2022