Social Media Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Social media marketing is a digital marketing tactic used by most businesses. Some companies resort to social media as their main source of communication to their customers. Using social media isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can definitely use social media to your advantage, but first you need to understand the most important and beneficial ways to use it. 

1. DO post regularly and create a posting schedule

Creating and managing a schedule will benefit you and your business to new levels. Your followers will crave consistency and not an overwhelming amount of content. Facebook has its own scheduling tool through Meta Business Suite, which allows you to post to both Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

2. DO engage with others and encourage engagement

Increasing your engagement is vital for a social media marketing strategy. Businesses should make an effort to engage with their followers and other businesses. Polls, questions, and stories help with engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

3. DO separate your personal and business social media accounts

This seems like something that would be kind of obvious, but some people who are just starting a business might not know the proper social media etiquette. Setting up a completely separate social media page for your business is ideal. You don’t want your personal page and posts to be mixed with posts about your business. 

4. DO use video whenever possible

Video will always peak followers’ interest. Video content is very eye-catching and creates more of a direct connection between you and your followers! 

5. DON’T use excessive amounts of hashtags

Hashtags are super helpful in getting more exposure to your page or a specific post. Excessively using hashtags can be harmful. Between 3-7 hashtags on a post is just the right amount. 

6. DON’T fall for trolls

Always respond calmly and respectfully to someone even if they are being mean or rude on a social media post. Social media is a public platform, and anyone can see what you are saying. You want to uphold your business’s reputation on social media. 

7. DON’T forget to check for spelling and grammar

Always reread and edit a post before you schedule it to go out onto a social media platform. Sometimes rereading it more than once is helpful to catch an error you might have missed. Improper grammar and spelling is a tell-tale sign of carelessness.

8. DON’t over-promote your business

Customers tend to lose interest when a brand/business promotes itself too much. This is why post scheduling is important. Find a balance in what you post. Your followers don’t want to see too little but they don’t want to see too much either.

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Blog post by Brianna Deputy

July, 2022